Meet Cheri Schultz


Hi! I'm Cheri Schultz. I am so glad you are making a positive choice in your life. Throughout my life, I have had many successes and a lot of failures. These events have changed who I am and realize those things do not define my reality. They are merely experiences which have given me the strength to persevere. I know where I’ve been and how I was able to pull myself through these hardships. My patience and strength has now become a powerful force in my life.   My goal is to encourage and inspire you to be persistent in fulfilling your dreams and believe anything is possible.

Today, the principles that influence how I act and conduct myself on a personal and professional manner are based upon my strong morals and values.   These characteristics  are  vital  in  building  a  solid  foundation  where my actions and intentions are in constant alignment.   These core values have played an important role in my personal  growth and my goal is to have them resonate with you and play a key role in your personal development plan.